3D printers

3D printers are modern devices used to create objects on the basis of a computer-rendered 3D model. The very idea is 30 years old, but has only recently been used at such a large scale. Objects can be printed in wax or in light-cured materials, or applying more advanced technologies, including polyamide or metal powder sintering, or resin sintering with the use of a laser or UV light emitters. The objects produced with the use of a 3D printer are very durable.

3D scanners

We offer innovative and technologically-advanced 3D scanners by Breuckmann. It is one of the best manufacturers of 3D scanners in the world. Their devices are precise and efficient, and the production process itself is automated. 3D scanners are frequently used in museums.

Membrane roofs

Membrane roofs and canopies are gaining in popularity in architecture. They provide nearly unlimited possibilities in terms of roof design. Membrane roofs are frequently used to roof sports facilities, such as stadiums. We have developed a mechanism for installing membrane roofs, which has been used in the Kadzielnia Amphitheater in Kielce.

Control systems

Our portfolio includes many control systems for complete production lines and other installations.


Cad-Mech offers various services in mechanics and automation. We plan, design and launch devices. We also provide services in spatial print and scanning (3D).