We design advanced machines for the metallurgical industry. Among other completions, we delivered designs for continuous steel casting and rolling machines, and for traditional lines.

Power industry

We cooperate with companies from the power industry. The machines we have designs are used, among others, in German facilities. Our portfolio includes designs for a power plant and an incineration plant (exhaust ducting, ball mills, electrostatic precipitators).

Automotive industry

Our resume includes projects completed for companies from the automotive industry. We have manufactured brake control devices, starter controllers, as well as devices for the production of railway cars for a Polish company.


We have designed many prototypes and special machines. Our experts also develop concepts and designs for complete production line systems.


In terms of robotics, we have completed comprehensive documentation for a part of EMYS social robot constructed by the Wrocław University of Technology students. We have designed the robot’s head, which is capable of expressing basic emotions.