Membrane roofs

Membrane roofs and canopies are gaining in popularity in architecture. They provide nearly unlimited possibilities in terms of roof design. Membrane roofs are frequently used to roof sports facilities, such as stadiums. We have developed a mechanism for installing membrane roofs, which has been used in the Kadzielnia Amphitheater in Kielce.

The membrane roof installation mechanism comprises three main units:

The rope winch is pivotally installed on a pile, to which the load-bearing lines of the roof are also mounted. In this winch installation method, the position of the winch can be adjusted to match the direction of the load-bearing line, as illustrated in Fig. 1, 2.

Fig. 1. Design for winch installation on the pile and on the load-bearing line

Fig. 2. Installation on the pile and on the load-bearing line

A set of actuators is installed on the winch. They are responsible for:

After locking the membrane, all mechanical, hydraulic devices and the control system can be switched off. In this state, the membrane is locked and secured. The membrane is tied to slide cars, which slide on the main load-bearing lines of the roof. (Fig. 3)

Fig. 3. Slide cars

The roof unfolding system is controlled by the automation system. The system is doubled and consists of a fixed panel, mounted on a control panel, and a radio panel, used by the operator to control the operation of all devices from any spot in the amphitheater.

The control system enables continuous control of the operation of all mechanical and hydraulic devices, and the control of all devices mounted on a specific pile, individually. This operational state is particularly useful when performing service works including membrane calibration.